Voice and Diction Coach

Audition and Speech Preparation, Master Classes and Private Lessons are available for students of all levels. You will find the studio a comfortable place to be yourself and to learn without fear.

The purpose of the Vocal Class is to develop your voice so that you will be able to use it for a variety of speaking or musical endeavors with confidence and good tone-quality. This will be accomplished by working on vocal technique (with daily practice), including vocal exercises, breathing, posture, voice placement and diction.

Students will learn to sing as a soloist as well as part of an ensemble. Sight-singing, ear-training and basic music theory will be part of each month's lessons so that each singer is a musician who sings well. Just being a good singer is not enough, you will be trained as musicians.

Each student who works hard, comes regularly to class and practices at home should be able to perform solos, audition with confidence, sing in a choir or ensemble, or in a musical production, and be able to sight-read at a beginning to intermediate level.

In classes and lessons, you will:

• Learn breath control • Eliminate the break between chest and head voice
• Increase power • Increase your range
• Eliminate strain • Perfect your style
• Practice audition techniques • Learn new repertoire provided by me, or practice music you want to sing

When you come to my studio, you will find it a comfortable place to be yourself and to learn without fear. Singing can make you feel vulnerable, so working with a teacher who is supportive and caring is particularly important. I have had years of experience working with even very timid students who have found confidence in learning how to breathe properly and produce a beautiful tone in a relaxing atmosphere. Don't take me wrong, you will be challenged! But within your own comfort level.

Because “stage-fright” is common to those who perform or who speak publicly, I encourage group sessions when possible. Each student receives a lot of personal attention, but the experience of singing/speaking with others gets rid of those jitters faster than any other technique.

Breathing and posture are so fundamental so we will concentrate on making sure you are standing and breathing properly. We can train your vocal chords (and we will), and have you pronounce each vowel correctly, but if you don't have good breathing technique, that will be of little use. But good breathing and posture can fix a lot of vocal problems right away! 

About Jolee Miller White

Jolee received her Bachelors Degree in music from Westminster Choir College in Princeton, NJ. She studied voice with Lois Laverty, and learned to effectively train students of all age from Helen Kemp.  After college, Jolee studied with 3 students of Seth Riggs, learning his ground-breaking vocal technique. As a member of the Westminster Choir, she sang with the New York Philharmonic, Boston Symphony, Pittsburgh Symphony under the direction of Leonard Bernstein, Seiji Ozawa, Pierre Boulez and Robert Shaw.

While a student, she directed children's choirs and was the soloist at Hightstown Presbyterian Church. As a member of the Choir in Residence at the Festival dei Due Monde in Spoleto, Italy, she sang in the chorus of Cosi fan tutti, La Dame de Pique and soprano in Mozart's Requiem, to name a few.

After graduation, Jolee traveled throughout Europe for 4 months, singing at various churches in Italy, the Netherlands, Germany,  and Austria.

A native Californian, she returned to Costa Mesa to begin her teaching career. She directed choirs at churches in Orange County including King of Glory Lutheran, F.V. and Grace Lutheran, H.B., working with choir members from 7-70. 

When her own children were in junior high and high school, Jolee started a choir of home-schooled teens. They learned vocal technique, basic theory and part-singing, performing at local nursing homes and recitals for their parents and one of these students is now a professional singer, having attended Eastman Conservatory of Music. Debbi Berk Parrott still performs in local theater, including her dream role of Muzzy in "Thoroughly Modern Millie",  and is teaching young singers. Britnay Callahan performs often, most recently playing Tracy in MTOC's production of "Hairspray" to sold out audiences!

Jolee has found that the same exercises that develop the singing voice also strengthen the speaker's voice. Teachers she has worked with find that they do not get so tired after a day of teaching. Those making presentations at work feel more at ease and confident. Your voice says so much about you to those you meet, it is important that it reflects you accurately.Those who do public speaking or lecturing professionally have seen improvement in the strength and endurance of their voice after working with Jolee on a regular basis.

Teaching private students gives Jolee the chance to work with some very talented students, many of whom have gone on to major in music and some to become professional musicians and teachers themselves. But the students that bring her the most satisfaction are those who have less natural talent, but a willingness to listen, practice and progress from singing in the chorus to gaining the lead role in musicals. Dancers and Actors are great students because  all singers must be actors, and dancers have great kinetic sense, making it easier to learn the proper posture and breathing required for excellent singing.