Policy and Tuition

Policies for all students of Jolee Miller White Studio


1-hour  Private Audition Preparation
40-minute Private Lesson 55-minute Class


Discount available for current students

$80 p/lesson
$290 p/packet of 4 (paid by 1st of 4)
$110 p/packet of 4 (paid by 1st of 4)

If you are a public speaker, teacher or need to improve your speaking voice for business, the exercises you will learn will strengthen your voice and make it more appealing.

For Dancers/Actors who want to improve their chances of getting a lead role in a musical, a packet of 4 lessons will get you ready for your next audition! Ongoing participation in classes or private lessons will help you be more confident when singing as well as with delivering your lines.

To qualify for the packet of 4 tuition rate, the payment must be made prior to the first lesson and the 4 lessons must be completed within 4 weeks. It can be applied to more than one lesson in a week, or two 80-minute sessions if times are available and at the discretion of JMW.

 Children under 14 years of age may take private lessons only when also enrolled in a class. Classes for children will be 55 minutes long and can only be taken in packets of 4 per month,1 per week. These classes will also involve some acting skills since all singers are actors, too! Please call Jolee to discuss your child's ability to participate in a class of this nature.