Jolee taught voice to my daughter, Britany, from the age of 12 through 15. She was one of the fortunate few chosen to be part of a children’s choir troupe that Jolee created. Britany grew in ways we never expected. She learned teamwork and how to support her fellow choir members. Her voice grew a mile during those crucial years.

She gained confidence; enough confidence that she wanted to be a vocal director. She taught her younger siblings all she learned from Jolee. I truly believe this is why my kids' voices are so strong and healthy still today as young adults.

Jolee moved out of state, but years later, when she returned to OC, she found me since my husband, Mitch, and I own Musical Theater of Orange County (MTOC). I couldn't wait for her to work with my youngest son, Nolan, who is 17, while he was working on the role of Joseph in a local production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". Nolan fell in love with Jolee, as did I. So much so, that I asked her to be the vocal director for our production of Hairspray during our 2013 season. We had six sold out shows; a very successful run. The vocals were impeccable! Britany was our Tracy and her voice was strong and confident because of the training she received in Jolee's choir as a young teen.

Jolee's gifts show through each and every person and endeavor she touches.

Jolee Miller White’s vocal training helped me achieve a Presidential Scholarship to Westminster Choir College as well as becoming a semifinalist for the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion’s Spotlight Music Awards in opera. While studying voice with her for 7 years, I learned breath support techniques, vocalises, diction, as well as a diverse repertoire. My son (age 5), who recently took a voice class from her says, “Miss Jolee is really good at helping your voice go high or low.”

Debbi Parrott

Jolee White is an excellent vocal coach! The vocal techniques that I have learned from her have strengthened my voice, confidence, authority and overall effectiveness in speaking at conferences and retreats. Additionally, the valuable feedback that she provides on every aspect of my public speaking skills has made a significant impact on the effectiveness of communicating the message of my teaching ministry.

My daughter, Katie, has been a student at Jolee Miller White Voice Studio for several years. Jolee has been instrumental in helping her with numerous musical, commercial and acting auditions and in getting accepted into Orange County School of the Arts.

Jolee understands the voice, how it works and how to get the most out of her students. She is extremely experienced in helping others “find their voice” and works hard with her students to ensure that each one reaches their potential.

Thank you Jolee for all you have done to nurture Katie’s voice, confidence and love of singing. We have seen such a difference in her vocal ability and enjoyment of singing since she started working with you. It’s been so amazing watching her grow under your guidance.


I just wanted to say thank you again for how much you have helped Kailyn improve during her voice lessons. Your group classes have helped Kailyn discover her true voice. She uses the techniques and adjusts accordingly as she sings. The private lessons have allowed her voice to really strengthen, along with her confidence, and her ability to combine the song with the character, I am truly grateful for all that you have done. I look SO forward to Thursdays when I can sit and listen to my girl blossom. It’s the best part of my week!

Kim McMullen